legal professionals since 2005

In 2005 Kristof & Ineke joined the bar and founded the law firm 'Demaeght & Everaert'.

For more than 16 years, numerous court cases were handled and the firm advised both small and medium-sized enterprises.

During those years, an ever-increasing interaction with larger companies grew, and after several successful in-house experiences, it was time to put the toga on the hook and to focus exclusively on out-of-court legal services.

We have an extended background and experience as lawyers and company lawyer, legal advisors, legal manager, senior legal counsel, both in-house and externally, both individually and as part a team, working in connection with all departments of an organisation.

Since 2005 we offer flexible legal business solutions, legal- and or crisis management, improvement and optimisation of legal services and legal processes. We also assist and support in negotiations, M&A and other transactions. We also have a great affinity with real estate.